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Parkdale Garage carry a large range of car, van and 4x4 batteries in stock. A battery performance check to assess the health of your vehicle's battery can avoid battery failure causing inconvenience and possibly expensive call outs far from home.

When the temperature drops and your car won't start it's more often than not an issue with your car battery. Cold, damp weather can play havoc on batteries as vehicle electrical systems have to work a lot harder and starter motors require all the current they can get to start the engine on cold mornings. With more and more vehicle equipment demanding electricity, this is more of a problem than ever. We recommend checking, and, if needed charging, your battery at least once a week during the winter months, particularly if it is more than three years old. Cold temperatures affect the chemical process inside the battery that produces and stores electricity, effectively slowing it down and reducing the battery’s ability to hold the charge. Older, weaker batteries will typically already have reduced performance and cold temperatures will often drastically reduce this further, to the point where the battery will discharge or go flat very quickly.

Remember to: Switch off all loads including lights, wipers, heater etc before switching off your engine at the end of your journey - this prevents any unnecessary drain on the battery the next time you start up. Check that everything is switched off before turning the ignition on. Avoid using heaters, heated screens and heated seats for longer than you have to as they all put high demands on the vehicle’s battery. Some satnavs, in-car DVD players and iPods can also drain the battery if left connected. Check that there are no interior lights, including boot lights, left on or any other accessories such as phone chargers left connected. Park your vehicle in a garage whenever possible. Get your battery tested, particularly if it is over three years old. If you

Car won't start? Parkdale Garage offer Home Starts from £25 + V.A.T

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